Free Programs

Community grant-funded programs are sometimes available for class field trips/workshops for designated areas/populations.

Summer Storybook Camp

Summer Storybook Camp prepares low income children for Kindergarten success by increasing their vocabulary skills through the language-rich exhibits, programs and model classroom at Explorations V.  Camp is story-based, and children have improved their vocabulary by an average of 3-6 months, some as much as 17 months, during the one month program.

Parents say, “…staff have taken his needs into account and so graciously worked with him so that he can effectively be a team player and camper there.  He LOVES camp, talks incessantly about it when he comes home, and all of his artwork is proudly hung on our refrigerator.  We just were informed today through a letter sent home that our family has a one year membership to the museum as a perk of Storybook Camp enrollment…we were very touched.  Totally incredible, especially since we are on food assistance and we value enrichment for our kids above most things.”

To be eligible for this program, students must be registered for Kindergarten, and qualify for free or reduced lunch through the schools.

Program sponsored in part by United Way of Central Florida.

Limited scholarships available.  Participation in financial literacy program required to qualify.  Call Sue Schluender in the Education Department at 863-687-3869 for details.


 Financial Fitness for Families

Financial Fitness for Families assists famiiles county-wide in gaining independence through financial literacy classes for adults & children, culminating in an emergency savings account.  Classes are held at various locations around Polk County for 5-week sessions.

Free Tax Preparation is offered February to April at the Museum.

Program sponsored in part by United Way of Central Florida.

Contact 863-687-3869 or Karen at to host a class at your location or to find out where a class is held.

Free Field Trips for eligible students/classes

Children that are eligible for free or reduced lunch

Children and Teacher would write a donor thank you

Contact Sue at