Explorations V Children’s Museum is becoming Florida Children’s Museum

The only children’s museum in Central Florida is growing with you and building for the future.

Almost 300 folks (community leaders, members, families, and partners) shared their vision for a new children’s museum.  These community members helped shaped the vision for beyond 2020.

The Vision

  • To open the doors of a children’s museum that re-defines informal learning beyond 21st  century teaching.
  • To provide a community resource that strengthens families.
  • To conduct research that advances our understanding of how children learn, how families achieve together, and what Central Florida needs as we raise the next generation.
  • To engage a community of curious explorers.

Florida Children’s Museum Breaking News

The new Florida Children’s Museum is in progress! Make plans for enjoying the future of children’s museums in 2022. Photos are from January 2021.

About Bonnet Springs Park

The new Explorations V Children’s Museum will be at Bonnet Springs Park, a breathtaking 180-acre park at the corner of Kathleen and George Jenkins Blvd in downtown Lakeland.

Picture a place, close to downtown Lakeland, yet a place where mother nature’s healing powers are revealed through magnificent giant oak trees and a clear gurgling stream that rises out of the earth and flows to Lake Bonnet below.  This very special regional park will provide social and economic benefits, help provide that blended urban/natural park, and make the quality of life for future generations of Lakeland better.