Virtual Workshop: Mandarin

Join Dr. Tia for a fun, small group virtual workshop to learn the basic beginning of Mandarin. Each week of this 6 week course will focus on a new topic. Virtual Workshops are 6-week courses and not offered as individual classes. All classes are on Wednesdays at 3:30 and are attended virtually. Dr. Tia will send a link and first day instructions prior to the first day of the course.

  • Lesson One - January 20
    Greetings: Learn common ways to greet family and friends and ask how they are doing. Words such as hello/goodbye and Good morning/good night will be introduced along with a few common responses to how one is doing.
  • Lesson Two - January 27
    Introductions: Introductions will cover how to say “ My name is ___” and ask others what they would like to be called or what is their name.
  • Lesson Three - February 3
    Numbers: Numbers are very important in Chinese. From reading and saying the date, to telling the time, numbers are a frequent part of the language. This class will focus primarily on numbers 0-10 but if appropriate will continue to higher values.
  • Lesson Four - February 10
    I am ____: This lesson will cover some fun nouns and adjectives. We will also learn to say I am not___.
  • Lesson Five - February 17
    Colors: A fun take on ROY G BIV. Learn the colors of the rainbow in Chinese and how to say which is your favorite.
  • Lesson Six - February 24
    Family: Do you have an older sister? Or maybe you have a grandparent living with you. Learn words to be able to discuss who makes up your family.
  • Workshop Series Standards Alignment
    WL.K12.NM.3.2 – Participate in basic conversations using words, phrases, and memorized expressions.

    WL.K12.NM.4.2 – Present personal information about self and others.

    WL.K12.NM.3.1 – Introduce self and others using basic, culturally-appropriate greetings.

    WL.K12.NM.3.5 – Understand and use in context common concepts (such as numbers, days of the week, etc.) in simple situations.

How do Virtual Workshops work?

Virtual Workshops are offered in cohorts.

Cohorts are kept small with no more than 4 in each group.

Each week is a new lesson with time to review the language from the week before.

Each lesson is $12.50 with 20% off for members. The total 6-week workshop is $75.

After you register, your teacher will follow up with an email including a private Zoom link and instructions on how to log in the first day of lessons.

What is the Emergency Relief Fund Fee? All online purchases have a $2 convenience fee that goes to the Emergency Relief Fund which supports Museum operations during times of forced closure due to weather and other emergency orders.

How to Enroll?

Use the form from our partners at DonorView at the bottom of this page

Or call the Museum to enroll over the phone – (863) 687-3869

Meet the Teacher!

Dr. Tia has a PhD in astrophysics and has worked at children’s museums throughout her college career. She oversees science and technology programming at the Museum including The Lab. Dr. Tia is also a talented visual artist in her free time.